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Born and raised in suburbs of Salt Lake City, Darin was the 6th of seven children. His fascination with buildings and architecture started from an early age. Instead of Saturday morning cartoons, Darin chose to watch a mixture of This Old House, the New Yankee Workshop, and Ron Popiel infomercials. Before he really knew what an architect was he was telling people he wanted to be one. Darin followed his passion and began to prepare for his future career as an architect. He would first graduate from the University of Utah as Magna Cum Laude and move on to graduate from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. While at Harvard he earned his Master’s of Architecture degree and worked as a graduate teaching assistant for design studios and structures courses. He spent a summer on a construction site as a framing carpenter and enjoys designing and building furniture in his spare time. While his fascination is with the built environment, Darin feels most at home when he is outdoors. Whether the ski slopes, the lakes, or the trails, he longs to be where cell phones and Internet cannot reach. Darin also loves traveling, meeting new people, Asian food, snow cones, smoothies, other things that are cold, indie films, college football, dinosaurs, sheets without wrinkles, and trains.

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